About Us

Richardson is a 60-year old company which specializes in the cutting and milling of wood timbers and the production of custom millwork products. We combine the craftsmanship of yesterday with the technology of today to produce products that are both bold and beautiful. You can be confident that you, and more importantly, your customers will be pleased and satisfied when our products arrive at the jobsite.

We stock and cut timbers of Western Red cedar, Douglas fir , and oak. We are able to finish timbers to the particular order specifications and requirements. Our products are in high demand by home, apartment, and commercial builders who require quality timbers to highlight their project.

Our custom millwork capabilities include the manufacturing of decorative brackets, corbels, and rafter tails. We can produce standard and custom siding patterns, as well as provide rip, re-saw, and precision end trim services.

As with any successful company, our strength is our people. With over 120 combined years of experience, our staff cares about you and your needs. We are committed to meeting and exceeding your timber and custom millwork requirements.

"Size does matter" as the saying goes. Our size of both our plant and the dimensions of the timbers we can produce, should matter to you if you are sourcing large timbers. With truckloads and carloads of wood rolling into our facility weekly, we have the size and strength to service your needs. After 60 years of operations, we are still looking for new products to offer and expansion opportunities. We are big enough to cut, mill, and deliver the largest of orders, yet small enough to give attention and detail to every order.