Lumber and Millwork Dealers

Lumber yards and millwork operations make up the majority of our customers. A number of large custom homes call for timbers to be used for exposed beams, rafters, entries, and columns. Our custom millwork capabilities allow us to make fireplace mantles and wood accent pieces for interior and exterior designs as well.

Distribution Centers

We enjoy great relationships with many distribution and wholesale operations. We want to help you reach and satisfy your customers with custom orders for materials you would ordinarily not stock.


You can use our products to enhance any particular building design. Picture great rooms with soaring ceilings with exposed beams and rafters, or whatever other use you can imagine. Structure elevations can be handsomely adorned with wood accent pieces to help make each job unique.



  • Porch posts
  • Clubhouse accents

Custom Homes

  • Interior trusses, beams, stringers
  • Exterior rafter tails
  • Outdoor living areas

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  • Shoring
  • Cribbing
  • Crating


  • Restaurant design accents
  • Sports complexes